ATtiny45 development board

During development of a project with ATtiny45 i experienced some difficulties with programming with STK500, so i decide to build this tiny board.
Nothing Fancy about it but i am sure you find it useful in your experiments with that micro.
It can also be used with ATtiny25 and ATtiny85 because of the same pin out (read the pdf from Atmel for the differences).
In header CN1 comes all the available ports of micro except RESET.
With the JP2 and JP3 headers you can select if the PB3 and PB4 are connected to the external crystal or to the CN1 header so the can be used as ordinary ports. You have to program the appropriate fuses of course.
The JP1 header is used for programming the micro.
This is the picture of the schematic:
This is the picture of PCB and silkscreen:
Click for larger view.
Here is a pdf file with schematic and PCB with 1:1 print measures:
You can download .sch and .brd files for Cadsoft’s Eagle design program from here:
Attiny45 development board.sch
Attiny45 development board.brd
For questions e-mail me to: dselecdim at gmail dot com

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